How to do Print from iPad

How to do Print from iPad

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Apple and HP both have many users throughout the world. Users face compatibility issues while connecting both devices. There comes a feature in all Apple devices named “AirPrint” this feature helps the iPad connect with a wireless HP printer, How to print from iPad. To start with the printing, you first need to configure the printer with the wireless network.

Simple Steps to Connect Wireless HP Printer with iPad:

  • Make sure you have a strong Wi-Fi network
  • Now check if your iPad is connected to the same network
  • Also, check the printer connection position
  • Tap on the Wireless icon 
  • Go o the Network settings
  • Enter Setup Menu (to check the printer’s connection)
  •  Tap on the Information and Wireless button

Note- you can start printing if your printer is connected with the network; if not, then follow the below-given steps

  • Now connect the printer with the wireless network
  • Check the printer status
  • Touchscreen printers- open wireless network setup and press on the Wireless setup Wizard
  • Go after the on-screen instructions
  • Now connect your printer with the wireless network
  • Without Touchscreen printers- hold on the Cancel and Wireless button until the wireless light flashes

Complete steps to connect wireless HP printer to iPad:

  • Power up your printer
  • Make sure you have a wireless printer
  • Now press Ctrl+F (for windows) and Command+F (for MAC)
  • Enter the printer model number in the box
  • Follow the above steps to connect the iPad with the wireless printer
  • Now attach the printer with a wireless network
  • Make sure your printer is not connected with another device through Bluetooth, router, or USB cable
  • Now check the printer connection status, if not connected with Wi-Fi
  • Go to the printer menu and get it to connect with the Wi-Fi network 
  • Enter the iPad settings
  • Tap on the settings icon
  • Press the Wi-Fi option
  • Doing the above step will open the menu of your iPad
  • Now make sure that both the devices are connected to the same network
  • Try printing a test page from your iPad
  • Select an image for printing 
  • Press on the share icon option 
  • Tap on the print option
  • It will open the print menu on your iPad, press on the printer in the Menu settings
  • There appears the list of the printer names. Choose the printer name
  • Now tap on the Print option and resolve how to print from iPad.

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