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HP Print and Scan Doctor Not Working How to Fix?

HP is one of the best printers in the market. It is famous for its advanced technology and printing quality. The design of the Hp printer is compact and comes under favorites amongst many users. People buy HP printer because they are reliable, rich in features and easily compatible with all devices. Its features and compatibility perform way more when a user download HP print and scan doctor to their device, but the user should also install the compatible software with the CD ROM.

What are the Features of HP Print and Scan Doctor?

As we already discussed that installing an HP printer and Scan doctor enhances the performances of the printer. But here, you will understand the functionality of these tools do. HP Print and Scan Doctor is an advanced utility that you need to download to fix scanning and printing issues when connecting your system with the HP printer. The utility helps HP printer-related problems despite installing it, so install it and use it to fix all the HP printer issues.

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How do I download HP Print and Scan Doctor on Windows 10?

At this point in time, we all understand the features and value of HP Print and Scan Doctor. Let’s learn how to download the same on your system but before installing the utility, make sure to power up the printer. Connect the printer with the system and go after the mentioned procedure or reach out to the HP printer customer service team. You can download this utility over numerous devices and operating systems like windows 10, windows 8.1, windows 7. But this HP Print and Scan Doctor is not accessible on MAC. Go after the on-screen steps to download this utility, or you can also reach out to our service team for more assistance. 

Now let’s install the updated version of HP Scan Doctor for your system.

  • Turn on your device
  • Visit the HP service page
  • Select the “Download Now” button
  • Tap on YES to download the utility
  • Click right on the downloaded file
  • Tap on the RUN button
  • Now click YES when the screen turns to dark
  • Install the HP software by clicking on the Accept button
  • After downloading, Click Start
  • By clicking start, the HP Print and Scan Doctor will start scanning the issues and the errors
  • Now find your printer and click on the New button

If your printer name is not on the list, then just restart your printer and retry finding it in the list.

  • The software then identifies the problem
  • Follow the instructions given in the tool to solve the issue
  • Tap on Fix Printing and Fix Scanning (as per your issue)
  • The test result will represent along with the icons
  • If the test gets a pass, the screen will display the Checkmark
  • If a problem is determined and fixed, the screen will display the Wrench
  • Test fails and skipped, the screen will display an exclamation
  • If your printer has an issue, the screen will display X
  • Now follow the on-screen steps to resolve it

Go with the given above steps you will be able to download the HP Print and Scan Doctor on your system. HP Scan Doctor has numerous versions, but experts suggest to install the updated version of it. In case you still face any issue with HP Print and Scan Doctor while printing, then speaks out to our experts. 

HP Print and Scan Doctor for Further Operating Devices

HP Scan Doctor utility is not accessible on any Apple device. In the case of Chromebook HP Scan Doctor, the utility is accessible to install. Connect the Chromebook with the same network as the printer to print smoothly with the wireless HP printer. 

HP Scan Software Queries

There are some issues that users face; let’s discuss the same.

Frequently Asked Questions

Delete the source file to remove the HP Scan Doctor utility from the system. Now click right on the icon and press the open file location. It will display the file you need to delete. Press on the appeared file and delete the same. 

This is a rare case, but if you stuck with the same, reinstall the file from the different browser. Be sure you install the file with a good internet connection for interrupted results.

This is a general case when the printer is not downloaded properly or doesn’t have a proper connection with the device. To fix this, install the printer software again, else disconnect the printer and reconnect it again; now try again.

Power up your device and go to the Chrome browser. Now find HP Print for Chrome. Now tap on the Add to Chrome option, great you are done. Now, whenever you print any document next time, you will get the option to print from the HP printer.

Turn on your device and open the browser to find Now install the HP Print and Scan Doctor. After downloading the file, tap on Run to open the downloaded file. Now go after the instructions appeared on the screen. 

The updated version of HP Print and Scan Doctor utility depends on the website, which a user can install via

Tap on the Scan settings and preferences button to access the scanner pdf section. Now press on the down arrow given next to the “Scan to” option. Tap on the “Save to file” after completing the procedure, press on the down arrow given next to the “File type” option and press on “pdf.”

The downloaded file of HP Print and Scan doctor has another name when entered the system and known as HPPSdr. A customer needs to install this file on the system to allow the software to resolve the HP printer and scanner related issue for an easy connection. I hope you have answers to all your questions, and you are all set to download the HP Print and Scan Doctor on your system for easy printing.

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