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How to Fix HP Printer Paper Jam Error Manually?

HP is one of the best printers in the world, and it has many users as well. HP is known for its quality, but sometimes a user faces an HP Printer Paper Jam problem. Although HP printers print the best quality documents, printing becomes hard when HP printer stops feeding the pages. Our experts have provided the manual guide to resolve the paper jam query to help them get the hassle-free experience using HP printers.  Let’s start with resolving the external paper jam error of the HP printer. In case you are also facing the hp printer paper jam error but no paper jam problem, kindly follow the below-mentioned procedure to determine your HP printer’s external paper jam error.

Why Does My HP Printer Keep Saying Paper Jam Error?

Easy way to fix the external HP printer paper jam issue: It is the standard issue when your HP printer stops feeding the pages. In that case, the printer faces a jam in fuser error and contains to print.

Note- the steps mentioned below are necessary, and you can imply them for other printers as well. 

  • Do not try to print if you face a paper jam problem
  • Take out the jammed paper from the output and input paper trays
  • Check the areas from where the printing paper enters and exits the printer
  • In case you find any jammed paper, then remove it slightly
  • Unfold the ADF cover and pull out the jammed paper
  • Try printing a test page to check if the paper jam persists

The above steps will help you resolve the HP printer paper jam from its external sources. I hope you find these steps easy and fix the paper jam issue on your HP printer. Mentioned above are some necessary steps which can be implied on other printers as well. The steps mentioned above only if you have an external paper jam issue, but if you have a paper jam issue from the inside of the HP printer, go with the below-mentioned steps.

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What Do I Do When My HP Printer Says Paper Jam But there is No Paper Jam?​

HP printer paper jam error but no paper jam is the common problem in printers, and it does persist inside-out of the printer. If you have an internal paper jam, check through a flashlight if there is any torn paper or scrap.

  • Power up your printer
  • Now disconnect the USB cable or any power cord. If connected

Note- Disconnect the power cable before outstretching inside the printer to avoid the risk factor.

  • Take out the jammed paper from the accessible area of the ink cartridge
  • Take out the jammed paper from the accessible site of the toner cartridge
  • Enter the access door and remove the carriage if required
  • Check if there is any jammed paper, remove if you find
  • If you have HP Laser jet printers, then follow the below points
  • Take out the imaging drum or toner cartridge to find the paper jam
  • Access the paper path cover
  • Take out the jammed paper if you find it behind the carriage
  • Take out the input tray and lift out the jammed paper
  • If your printer has any bottom clean outdoor kindly lift the printer
  • Check for any jammed paper
  • If your HP printer has a rear door, then remove the same if required
  • Now close the doors that were opened
  • Directly connect the USB cable and power cord again
  • Power on the printer & Reset it.

Conclusion: HP Printer False Paper Jam Error | HP Printer Clear Paper Jam Error

The above steps are easy to fix the HP printer both inside-out. You can also search for the particular HP model to improve the paper jam of that specific HP printer. Above given are some easy steps to follow when you face a paper jam in the HP printer or hp printer paper jam error but no paper jam. If required, you can also reach out to our prominent experts to get an immediate service to fix the problem. Our expert technicians work throughout the day to help the user get the hassle-free experience using the HP printer. Our team of experts holds a great experience serving the printer service, whether it be a paper jam or setup issue. Besides this, you can also speak out to us if you face a problem with any other printer. For more information Click Here…

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