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HP is a well-known American Company and it is headquartered in California. HP is famous for its hardware like desktops, and laptops. HP comes with various types of printers which are compatible with different screens for your convenience. In case you are looking for how to setup HP printer then do follow the below-mentioned steps to fix the issues like “HP Wireless Printer Setup, 123 HP com setup, or how to setup HP printer?”  we have a large team of expert technicians who provide a solution to these issues in manual and also informs you about some sudden errors which can damage your HP printer. Besides the manual guide you can always reach out to us anytime as the team of techies work 24/7 to provide you an instant solution. HP printers have always been famous for their high quality printing. HP has an idea of taking printings to homes at a rather affordable price. HP makes it easier for everyone to print, scan, copy in colour as well as in black and white. You just choose the photos or pdf or word files HP printer will print it to you in the way you want. Most people who buy a HP printer and do not have a clue how to set it up. So here is how you can setup HP printer.

123.hp.com/setup - New HP Printer Installation Guide

  • Unbox the HP printer
  • Plug in the printer with the help of power cord
  • Switch on the printer and install the print cartridge
  • Now turn on your device
  • Load the paper tray
  • Now select the connection type

Note- choose Ethernet option if your HP printer is compatible

  • Now install the HP printer software on your system
  • Disable the printer wireless system while connecting it with the wireless network system

I hope you find the mentioned procedure useful and easily able to fix the issues. In case you face any other HP printer issue like “123 HP Com Setup URL Not Working” then install the HP Easy Start App for easy setup.

Install HP Easy Start For HP Printer Setup

Plug in the force string, turn on the printer and introduce print cartridges. Permit the printer to go through its start-up schedule, including printing an arrangement page (if pertinent). 

Pick one of the association techniques depicted underneath. On the off chance that your printer upholds it and you pick an Ethernet (wired) association, interface it now and jump to introducing printer programming. It’s not easy to setup hp printers and hp wireless printers. But ones you learn hoe to setup hp printers and hp wireless printers then it becomes easy peasy lemon squeezy for everyone. Putting in the cartridges is another step in setup of hp printers. Introducing the cartridges is genuinely simple; however it must be done appropriately. To begin with, lift the top front of the printer. On the Envy, it’s under the scanner unit. Utilize the handles as an afterthought to lift it up. Eliminate the cartridges from the bundling and ensure you have the right tone in the ideal spot. The tone is indicated on the cartridge. Eliminate the (orange) sticker from the cartridge and delicately drive the cartridge into the holder until you hear a tick. Remember that the mark should confront upwards. Close the cover when you’ve embedded every one of the cartridges.

How to Install and Setup HP Printer By Official Method 123.hp.com/setup

123.hp.com/setup is the official URL for HP Printer Setup. After fix all connections between computer and printer then you have to setup with your computer to print. Enter this url 123.hp.com/setup in the google search bar and after that official hp printer setup webpage opens then follow the on screen commands to download drivers and applications to setup printer properly.

123.hp.com/setup URL is the straight linkage which will help you setup hp printers. This mostly used by everyone who owns HP printers to set up hp wireless printer as well as to setup hp regular printers. 123.hp.com/setup and download the separate drivers of your HP printer. Peruse quick manual for setting up and introduce HP printer on a wireless or USB network association bit by bit with guidelines. 123. hp.com/introduce support speedy and right away. To set up your Printer, you should access and enlist your gadget by setting up a record to resolve issues with your Extender gadget on this HP printer set up website.

Steps to Install and Setup HP Printer Online 123.hp.com/setup

  • Switch on your wireless HP printer
  • Now set up the printer in a wireless way by using its touch screen display
  • Now select the setup > network option under the menu bar
  • Now choose the wireless wizard under the network setting in the menu bar
  • Chose WEP/WPA for wireless network
  • Click the Done button
  • Now confirm the settings by pressing the OK button
  • Click on the OK Button to take out the test print page
  • Following the above step you have established the printer with the wireless network
  • Download the HP printer driver on your system through 123 HP com setup page

Mentioned above steps are easy to fix the HP printer setup issue; 123 HP com setup issue. In case you find any other issue to setup HP printer then feel free to reach out to us. Besides the above issues we are now listing a manual guide for how to setup HP printer with windows?

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How to Connect HP printer to Windows PC

Connect HP Printer to WiFi : Go to the WiFi symbol on your printer and to ‘Settings’. Select the Wireless Installation Wizard and adhere to the on-screen directions. Interfacing your printer can take as long as a moment. You can likewise decide to associate the printer to WiFi later in the establishment interaction by means of the downloaded programming. 

Your printer can print a short aide on the off chance that it doesn’t work after this progression. To do this, press the WiFi symbol and afterward “Settings”. Select “Begin”. The printer will print a short manual on the best way to associate bit by bit. 

Connecting through a USB link : On the off chance that you like to associate the printer straightforwardly to your PC or PC without utilizing the web, you can utilize a USB link. Fitting the norm, level USB connector (USB-A) into your PC or PC and attachment the square USB connector (USB-B) into your printer

Do you have a Windows gadget? In the first place, download the product as clarified in sync 3 preceding you interface the USB link. Do you have an Apple gadget? It’s the reverse way around. 

Programming download : You’ve associated your printer. Presently, we’ll guarantee that your PC can handle the printer. We’ll introduce the EasyStart programming from HP on your PC or PC. Go to ‘123.hp.com’ in your program and enter the item name of your printer, for example, ‘Jealousy 6234’. Download the HP Smart application or download the fundamental work area programming.

Exposed EasyStart of HP printers: Open the HP EasyStart record you’ve recently downloaded from your download envelope. In the event that you have a printer that is viable with HP Instant Ink, the program will inquire as to whether you need to utilize your time for testing. Enter your own subtleties to utilize one. Hp wireless printers can also use the same method. This way you can setup hp printers easily. 

To complete setup hp printers and hp wireless printers install the software’s and use them. And before closing your setup make sure your printer is shut down. 

Steps to Fix How to Setup HP Printer with Windows:

Connect the computer with the printer following any of the given options

Download and install the driver on your system

Setting up HP Printer on Android

While there are some outsider Android applications that can address your printing needs, it’s possible best to stay with Google Cloud Print. This authority application, suggested by Android, gives you the ability of printing straightforwardly from whatever program you’re in, be it an internet browser, email customer or report the executives framework. Rather than opening a different application, Google Cloud Print permits you to print straightforwardly from your telephone or tablet. This setup hp printers and wireless hp printers easily without any hassle. 

How to Connect HP Printer with MAC Manually

  • Press the Apple symbol on the top left of your screen
  • Tap on the system preferences option
  • Tap on the scanners and printers
  • Enable HP AirPrint option ON.
  • Add the HP printer by pressing the plus symbol and Add printer option
  • Open new window and press the IP icon
  • Add printer to the system
  • Print the test page from the printer, make sure the printer is in active stage

Document Printing

  • A trial printing is mandate to make sure that the printer is running properly
  • If it is printing actively that means a driver has been installed

Remember that your particular printer may work better utilizing its own module or application. For instance, HP’s printer application is a module you can download in the Google Play application store. Whenever it’s downloaded, you’ll have the option to effectively print.

Here might be other printer applications for Android, however ensure you’re utilizing either the Google Cloud Print application or your printer’s favored module. Outsider applications may not be the best technique. 

In the event that you download the Google Cloud Print application to your cell phone physically, you’ll need to recognize or add a printer viable with your gadget that is on a similar common Wi-Fi organization. Open Settings and discover Printing to add a printer. 

When your printer is added, open the application you’re printing from and tap the three spots that show more alternatives (typically in the upper right corner) to discover and choose the Print choice.


Try scanning the document

  • A trial scanning is important to check if the scanner is in active condition

These steps are used to set HP printer wireless set up on windows but if you face any other issue related to HP printer setup or 123 HP com setup then do reach out to us at any time of the day for instant service to your issue.

The above given steps are helpful to fix HP printer setup with ease. I believe you are satisfied with the mentioned solutions to fix the HP wireless setup and if you do not find these steps useful then contact us to fix your issues immediately. We have a team of technicians who has a great experience in the HP Printer solutions, kindly reach out to us anytime in a day. Our team of excellent technicians work all throughout the day to help assist your problems with the best solutions.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Connect your printer to the wireless network
  • Now connect your system with the same wireless network
  • Open browser on your system
  • Visit 123.hp.com/setup page
  • Download the smart HP app
  • Switch on the printer
  • Click on the Cancel button given on the control panel
  • Turn on your computer and open the windows setting
  • Tap on the windows icon at the bottom left on your screen to reveal the start menu
  • Now access your device and tap on the “Devices” option under the windows settings
  • Connect the HP printer with the computer
  • Download the smart HP app on your device
  • Now set up the printer with the system
  • Try print and scan once to make sure if the printer is working
  • Organize the printer preference
  • Manage messages and supplies
  • Find out additional smart HP printer features
  • Turn on your computer and open the 123 HP com page
  • Now type the printer model in the given field
  • Download the HP printer driver by following the instructions given on the screen
  • Confirm it by trying printing a test page, if the printer is in active mode
  • Restart your computer
  • Restart your HP printer
  • Following the above two steps can clear the error conditions
  • Disconnect the cable from the HP printer and reconnect it
  • Disconnect the cable from the computer and reconnect it
  • Try connecting the cable with another USB port on your computer
  • Right-click on the name of your wireless network on the screen
  • Press the Status option
  • Tap on the wireless properties
  • Enter the security tab
  • Choose the “show characters check box” option                                                        
  • Check the secure wireless network key to see the password

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